Brief History                                                                                       

Ona are a relatively new company, but making real waves in the photographic industry, with their stylish, high qulaity bags. They offer continuous innovaion through research and development and have a wide range of  Italian made hard cases sold under the HPRC brand. However, their range of soft, bags have been thoughtfully researched and superbly manufactured. They are designed to look like a standard bag instead of a photographic specific case which is ideal for carrying expensive items in an unobtrusive, understated bag. TheVintage range of bags is particularly stylish as is the Brixton is available in a material finish. The Backpacks are extremely comfortable and have been designed with maximum capapcity and minimum size.The Ona range of bags will only grow and develop ensuring longevity and style.

HarrisonCameras and Ona

Always looking for new and innovative suppliers, Harrison Cameras was delighted to be approached by Ona to sell their range of high quality bags. It is difficult to find the perfect camera bag, without drawing attention the the expensive products inside, so we were delighted to find a company that had hit this challange head on. Endlessly versitile, the bags have proved very popular and the range goes from strength the strength.


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