Brief History

Founded in Japan in 1919, Olympus has become an integral part of the photographic world. A big player in cameras, medical systems and microscopy, Olympus have a wealth of knowledge and history to plough back into new products and innovative design. The company is very keen on social responsinilities towards their employees and the environment and have a strong code of ethics, which has been crucial to their success.

Harrison Cameras and Olympus

We have worked with Olympus for over 35 years, covering products which range from the old Pen, hal frame cameras, to the new, high tech, Pen series, with all its buttons and bells. The changes have been significant, with film camera sales being rapidly overtaken by digital and photo storage and manipulation enhancing the history of photo capture across the decades. From the old Pen and Olympus Trip days to the current PEN, OM-D and Digital SLR system, Olympus have consistantly offered outstanding optics, with innovative design, enabling the photographer to capture the perfect shot. Prime and zoom lenses go together, with flashguns, cases and converters, to build up a comprehensive system, which covers all eventualities.



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