A Brief History

Nissin is now one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flashes. The company was founded in 1959 and the first professional flash was created for photographers in 1967. The company has spent plenty on research and development, ensuring that the flashguns, link through to the cameras and work automatically or if prefered, in manual mode, giving perfect exposure and excellent flash capabilities. The company trades particularly well in Japan and Hong Kong and is keen to sell to the emerging markets. Definately a product to watch.

Nissin and Harrison Cameras

The flashgun market is a tricky one to buy for, as there are a considerable number of sub-standard products out there. We get spammed on a daily basis by Chinese companies, who have flashguns to sell at knock-down prices. At Harison Cameras, we choose very carefully who we buy from, as we are well aware of the need to sell reliable, consistant flashguns, which will fire everytime, without fail. The Di466 flashgun is a particularly good gun, as it is reliable and affordable. The MG-8000 Extreme flash was launched this year (2013) and was give rave reviews winning the TIPA award for best portable lighting system.



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