A Brief History

Nikon LogoNikon have evolved over the years we have been working with them, bringing innovation and technical brilliance to the field of photography.  Manufacturing from 1917 as Nippon, they quickly stamped their knowledge and expertise on the photographic world. Nikkor became a brand name in 1932 and from then on, the die was cast. We began to trade with Nikon in 1972 and built up a trusting relationship with the comapny in the Uk and travelled to Japan on several occasions to see the factory first hand and liase with the sales team; we were impressed!

Nikon Products

We have always valued the Nikon brand, from the new Nikon Photomnatic FTn 35mm film camera, to the equally impressive Nikon D4 Professional Digital SLR camera which have been ground-breaking cameras and have led the field. We have taken pride in working with Nikon on training days and In Store Days, where, highly respected staff from Nikon have spent the day with us and our customers explaining the wide range of products Nikon manufacture and their relevance today in the fast changing world of photography. The innovative Nikon 1 brand has taken the photography world by storm, offering an exceptionally comapct system, with all the buttons and bells of the digital SLR. Small, lightweight and extremely versitile, it brings a whole new meaning to street photography and is a pleasure to use.

Nikon and Harrison Cameras

We continue to liase with Nikon on a weekly basis and work with them to ensure excellent customer service and continued product availability and although they have had their fair share of manufacturing challeneges, including the Tsunami in Japan and the floods in Thailand, they continue to provide outstanding products and innovative technology. Nikon also put therir money where their mouth is by offering a 2 year warranty on any camera and lens kit, so they (and we) are confident that the product is built to last. You just need to register the products with Nikon and they will automatically set up the warranty, which will cover manufacturer faults.




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