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National Geographic

National Geographic

A Brief History

The National Geographic Society was founded on the 13th January 1888. Its mission was to inspire people to care about the planet and this still continues today. The Society is one of the world's largest non-profit making educational and scientific organizations and has funded over 10,000 scientific, conservation and exploration projects around the globe. Through its wide-ranging media channels, the National Geographic Society reaches over 450million people a month and continues to educate and inspire each generation.

National Geographic and Harrison Cameras

We have huge respect for the National Photographic Society and are very proud to be able to sell their brand of bags. The design of the bags is very classy and the majority are made from either canvas, or nylon. The Micro camera pouches are ideal for busy travellers and the small backpack can be used in cities, or urban environments, where you don't want to advertise the fact that you have a bag full of expensive gear. Each bag has been manufactured to a high standard and there is a range of available accessories to enhance the products; the particular one we like is the rainhood which fits over backpacks and protects the intrepid trekker from heavy down-falls.




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