A Brief History

The first product to carry the Minox name, was the sub-miniture camera, which was conceived in 1922 and actually put into production in 1936, in a Latvian factory. After the second World War, the camera was re-designed and production was resumed in Germany. Walter Zapp, its inventor, originally designed the camera to be easy to use, so that very little photographic knowledge was needed to produced outstanding photos. Minox branched out into 35mm and 110 format in 1974 and 1976 respectively and got involved with digital with the Minox DCC5.1 Nowadays the brand has reached the heady heights of luxury status, as the increased quality of the products reflects the ancestry of the range. Minox have also taken the sport optic area of expertese to new levels, having developed outstanding field glasses and spotting scopes, for nature use.

Minox and Harrison Cameras

The Binocular and Spotting Scope range of products that Minox sell are absolutely top notch and will give outstanding results in even the gloomiest weather. The miniture range of cameras, is incredibly cute and produces excellent results. The DCC 14.0 is the latest edition and the miniture monocular, is really convenient to use.



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