Brief History

Manfrotto started from the very bottom and soon took the photographic world by storm. Frustrated with heavy and cumbersome products Lino Manfrotto along with another callaborator, designed a range of products to help in the studios of the professional photographers. He soon found a distributor and bfore long the  the Superboom, Autopole®, and Superclamp®, became the mainstay of  many a photographic studio. Spurred on by his success, the range was extended to tripods legs, heads and then bags. We love the quality and ergonomics of the range and the durability and design, which leaves the photographer free to concentrate on the job in hand, which is producing great photographs.

Manfrotto and Harrison Cameras

We have worked with Manfrotto for over 35 years, beginning by selling their range of tripodsheads and accessories and then taking other lines, such as their range of bags and studio accessories. We continue to expand the range and work closely with the office in the UK, to provide stock and a service to our customers. We have never failed to be impressed by the range of Manfrotto products and look forward to new products being launched. Manfrotto are also very active away from the retail environment, showing products at Bird Fairs and Camera fairs across the country, allowing potential customers to try the products and put them through their paces.





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