Brief History

In the early 1980's Nitzan Kimchi and Dror Tishier founded a company which provided specialist bags to the military, but then developed their products to incorporate a photographic range of bags, which had been well thought out and exhaustively tested. In 1992, due to increased demand, they decided to launch Kata as a brand and invested in a state of the art research and developement laboratory and increased staff levels, recruiting professionals in design, marketing and management. In 2005 Kata joined the VITEC Group PLC under its imaging division, which incorporates Manfrotto and Gitzo and has continued to grow and now sells to over 100 countries.

Kata and Harrison Cameras

The bag trade within the photographic industry is fiercely fought between the well-known names like Kata, Lowepro, Think Tank and Tamrac, but it is a difficult market to succeed in as there are as many bag designs as there is photographic equipment. Bags are a very personal purchase and difficult to get right, even if the range of bags are in front of you and you can try each one; so on-line, the task is even harder. Kata have named their bags to reflect the type of equipment or carrying preference. The mirrorless range has been very popular as it is compact and lightweight, but the backpacks have proved excellent sellers, due to their versitility and comfort. We always like to help customers with their bag purchase, as it is extremely complicated and full of pit-falls, so if you are in the photographic bag market, just let us know and we will see if we can help.





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