Brief History

Founded in France in 1917 by Arsene Gitshoven, the company had to be temporarily dismantled, when World War II stopped production. Not to be down-trodden, Arsene fired up the factory again in 1944 and introduced tripods into the production range. Arsene retired and handed the reins to his daughter, who expanded the range into tripod heads which she then sold to over 54 countries, worldwide. Gitzo have an awesome reputation, for qulity and excellence, with plenty of research and developement going into new materials and designs, to meet the ever-changing needs of the photogrpahic market and its customers. Gitzo have certainly led the field in tripods and accessories, by following a simple rule; make the product useful and easy to use and out of the best materials possible, in that way, they will last and give fantastic service throughout their working life.

Gitzo and Harrison Cameras

We have always admired the Gitzo range of products. They are not cheap, but the old adage, you get what you pay for has never been more relevant. The range of tripods is vast, with every requirement catered for, whether it is the extra long tripod legs for photogrpahers who need a better angle, or the Traveller range for people on the move. The magnesium and basalt heads really have the 'wow' factor and are beautifully engineered, which makes them an absolute pleasure to use. There is nothing better than buying a product that has been specifically designed to do the job.




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