Dorr was founded in germany in 1973 by Herman Dorr under the trading name of Dorr Photo Marketing. The main product for sale was the Petri range of Single Lens Reflex film cameras, sales of which went from strnegth to strength, as the product was innovative, fantastically manufactured to a high standard and reliable. The company had a close relationship with the manufacturers in Japan, ensuring that a suitable range of high quality lenses were available for the camera
launching the renowned Panagor MFS Macrofocus System in the 70's

Dorr and Harrison Cameras

Harrison Cameras have built a strong relationship with Dorr Photo in Germany and continue to expand the ranges over the last few years. As two like minded companies, the focus has been on the photographer, by offering diverse and useful products like the comprehensive studio range of flash and the Profi tripods. We continue to liase closely with the company and will build up the range of products as new ones are launched.




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