Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss

A Brief History

A truely historical company, dating back to 1846 and based on outstanding scientific achievements, Carl Zeiss has become a Global Player in the field of optics, ensuring innovation and design across the range. The 30 year old mechanic, Carl Zeiss opened a workshop and offered eyeglasses, chemical scales, drawing aperatus and telescopes. World War II split the company into two, one factory in the west and one in the East, but they were reunited in the 1980's and haven't looked back. In 1996 Carl Zeiss, the company, celebrated its 150th birthday and continue to launch stunning products which reflect their longevity and commitment to photography.

Carl Zeiss and Harrison Cameras

We have sold both the West and East German lenses and continue to trust the Carl Zeis brand to offer, pin-sharp, edge to edge optical quality and a build quality that inspires confidence. Carl Zeiss are an extremely professional company to deal with, having excellent after-sales service and a good customer-based focus. The range has expanded with the new Touit lenes and their UV filters do not compromise the internal and external optics of the lens, or the digital aspect of the internal light.








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