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Canon Eos PRO Imaging Partner

Canon Eos PRO Imaging Partner

We are proud to be a Canon Eos PRO-Imaging Partner. As a Canon Professional Dealer we have a wide range of both Canon's amateur as well as their beautiful Pro 'L' series lenses in stock for you to call in to see and try out, along with the full range of amazing canon EOS bodies, ranging from the basic 1200d through to the mighty 1DX II.

We have over 75 years of experience between us and that really comes handy with all the questions that we get asked on a day to day basis along with full Technical back-up from the Canon Professional Network if by any chance we are not able to help you in the first instance ( but that doesn't often happen )

This year we will be launching our new "Event & Training Centre" in our old premises just across the road to our Sheffield store on London Road which will be capable of holding all our special events including training sessions, lectures and new product launches.

If you are unlucky enough to have a problem or have had an accident with your camera we have access to the large range of servicing facilities that both Canon and several independent repairers have to offer and if you are a Canon CPS member then we can arrange for an even speedier turn-around time than normal.

Canon's reputation for top quality images hasn't come overnight, they have consistently added and improved to their range of products over the years and at this stage have the enviable position of market leader in most areas. This, coupled with our enthusiasm for the Eos cameras, lenses and accessories, allow us as a Pro Dealer to pass on as much information you need to get started with, or expand on your Canon system.

If you want to talk technical or would like us to explain in a way that you can understand then we are the people you need, our experience enables us to be able to communicate at the level that suits you, whether you need a basic filter or a complete wireless of camera flash set-up, we can help.

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