Brief History

Benro was establised in 1995 and due to the high quality products, rapidly expanded into larger factories. In 2002, they went professional with a new tripod and head and then covered all the important photography fairs to get the brand known. Benro has subsequently received many prestigeous awards including the Chinese Goverment, Quality and Reputation Award and The Most Influential Imaging Product Award. Benro have always kept the needs of the photogrpaher in mind and to that end, have kept the equipment simple and easy to use.

Harrison Cameras and Benro

Harrison Cameras took the Benro range through the UK suppliers over three years ago, as we were so impressed with the tripods abilities and qualities. The pricing is very sensible for the quality of tripods and heads and the design has been very well thought through. The Flat Travel series of the Benro range is particularly useful, as it folds flat, making it great for travelling, or use out in the field. The Gimbal Head range has been a particularly good seller, as have the Carbon Fibre range, due to its light weight and strength.


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